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Specialists in restorative mental Wellness Interventions

IAHV Australia is the Australian arm of the international IAHV. Our parent NGO is a global community crisis and disaster response NGO with offices in 20 countries, service partners in 157 countries and access to several million long term active local volunteers.

We have unique expertise in trauma relief and restorative mental health techniques. Our interventions help to rebuild individual and community resilience; and strengthen inner coping capacity in extremely stressful situations.

A Global Responder

For over two decades IAHV has served traumatised populations world-wide in war, civil crises and disaster situations in countries like Kosovo, Lebanon, Syria, Brazil, Haiti, India, USA, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Africa & Europe.

Our mental health interventions have supported first responders and vulnerable traumatised communities in the aftermath of terrorism, human displacement, natural, man-made and urban disasters.

We have worked with peacekeeping forces, returned veterans, police forces and prisoners; and provide local support to communities at-risk and under strain.


Trauma Relief, Resilience, Empowerment

IAHV delivers measurable, effective and scalable trauma relief and resilience programs, attending to the clear link between trauma relief, resilience and sustainable peacebuilding.

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